Sunday, 19 January 2020

The Manx Tale - Saturday 28th March 2020

Chris is very pleased to announce details of a new trip which will include travel on three different Olympian's none of which are believed to have previously worked on such trips - they most probably have never carried adult passengers on the UK mainland.

This trip will see us visit the fleet of Cheney Coaches in Banbury to ride on their three Northern Counties bodied Leyland Olympian's that were all new to Isle of Man Transport in May 1990.

Chris hase requested the use of the following vehicles subject to availability:

736XUG, new as BMN63V and also operated as G804TBD
820GXC, new as BMN60V and also operated as G803TBD
YSU975, new as BMN61V and also operated as G810TBD

There is only one pick-up point which is at Banbury Railway Station at 10:20am adjacent to the main entrance on the town centre side.

Parking is available at the station for £5.50 per day, alternatively unrestricted on-street parking is available a few minutes walk away.

We will endeavour to await the arrival of the 9:40am northbound Chiltern, the 9:55am southbound Cross-Country and the 9:57am northbound Cross-Country trains if any of these are late.

Each Olympian will undertake a leisurely trip around the area, whilst taking a very different route there is no ‘road coverage’ element to this trip.

The first Olympian takes us across to Brackley via Middleton Cheney and then back via a more rural route through Croughton.

The second Olympian takes us up to Southam and then back via roads from very different eras the ancient Roman Fosse Way and the more modern M40 before dropping us in Banbury town centre for a late lunch break.

The final Olympian runs down to Heyford and the fringes of Bicester before heading back through Aynho and dropping us outside the railway station at 16:50 approximately.

Please don’t rely on making trains that leave within a few minutes of our scheduled 16:50 arrival but we will do our best to run on time but cannot be held responsible for missed trains etc.

During the day we will have a chance to look around the depot to see and photograph the coaches in the fleet and each journey will stop once or twice for a photo of the Olympian.

The fare for this trip is set at £15 for all passengers.

You don't need to pre-book or reserve a place; simply turn up on the day, hop on the bus and your friendly conductor (Chris) will collect your fare during the journey.

There is no requirement to be a member of any particular group or society to join this trip, nor do you require an invitation to join us.

Our trip is a private hire and the operator will NOT be able to answer any questions or enquiries- if you require any further information or you have any questions please e-mail Chris at chrismartin13601 (at) and he will be happy to help.

We sincerely look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on this trip, please forward this information onto anyone else who you think may be interested and please cut and paste into other news groups or regional social media groups if you think it might interest their members.

I guess we can no longer call these the trips of the Leyland Olympian's Yahoo Group, but it follows on from the pattern and standards set in that era even though the group has changed platforms since then.

Chris Martin